Adjusting Photos in Scrapbook Design Studio

June 21, 2020 by No Comments

This is a tutorial for beginners. This tutorial will show you how to adjust your photos in Scrapbook Design Studio. When you insert photos into the frames of your scrapbook layout, you may need to adjust the color, brightness, or contrast of the photo. In this program, you can easily do that by using the tools available. You can open a scrapbook layout that you are currently working on and we will use that.

Opening Your Image Editing Panel

Let’s begin with opening your image editing panel. Click the photo you wish to edit. Then click the Image tab that is located in the panel on the far right. Once you click this tab, you are going to see the Color Adjustment option. You will need to tick the circle beside this option to open the editing panel. You will now see your image editing options in the bottom of this panel.

Adjusting the Brightness of the Photo

If you need to adjust the brightness of the photo, click the Brightness option. A properties box will open and you can slide the bar to make your adjustments. You will see the changes to your photo as you are making them. Once you have the desired brightness, click the OK button on the box.

Adjusting the Photos Contrast

Next in line is the contrast option. If you need to adjust the contrast, click the Contrast button. When the properties box for the contrast option opens, you can move the bar to adjust it. When you have the contrast the way you want it, click OK on the box to apply it.

Adjusting the Color Balance of the Photo

Sometimes a photo’s color can really be off. This is sometimes due to the light in the room or outside when you took the photo. You can adjust the color balance by clicking that option in the panel. When the color balance box opens, you will see the three bars you can adjust. Play around with these bars to get the color the way you want it. When you have the color like you want it, click the OK button to apply the changes.

Inverting the Photo

Using the Invert option will give your photo a negative effect look. To apply this to your photo, simply click it. If you do not like it, click it again and it will remove it.

Converting the Photo to Grayscale

If you wish to convert the photo to grayscale, click the Convert to Gray option in the panel. The photo will be automatically converted. There is only one settings for this effect and you can’t do any adjusting. If you do not like the grayscale effect, click the button again and it will remove it.