Mother's Day DIY Scrapbook Tutorial

January 9, 2021 by No Comments

If you are looking for a one of a kind gift to give your mother this year for Mother’s Day, have you considered making a scrapbook? Instead of a more generic present, you will be giving her page after page filled with memories. It will be time-consuming, but not a lot of actual work, and the end result will be priceless.

To make the blank book, you’re going to need some sturdy cardboard, enough fabric (such as from a baby blanket) to cover at least the front piece, at least 25 sheets of scrapbook paper, a hole punch, a hot glue gun (or craft glue), and 2 feet of thin ribbon. You will also need photographs of you and your mother from your birth through present day – at least 20-30. You will also want souvenirs (hospital bracelet, ticket stubs, play bills, etc), double-sided tape, some stickers and either word balloons or markers/paint pens in various colors.

To begin, cut the baby blanket to fit entirely over one sheet of the cardboard with about a 2 inch border to fold over the inside. If you prefer not to use your actual baby blanket or childhood clothing, just try to find a fabric that is similar in pattern and color – or just choose a solid fabric in your mother’s favorite color. Make a square around the perimeter of one piece of the cardboard with the hot glue and place the fabric, leaving the 2 inches overhanging on each side. Run another glue-square on the inside, then fold first the side edges, then the top and bottom edges. Make corners much as you would when wrapping a present, using additional glue, if needed. Repeat for back cover, if desired or leave bare. You can also glue a piece of paper over the seams on the front and back, for a more finished look.

Punch 3 holes in the left side, avoiding the glued area. Repeat for the inside left edge of the back cover and the paper. Make a book out of it all, with holes aligned to the left. Feed each end of the ribbon through the top and bottom holes and back up through the middle, tying it in a tight bow around the length stretched between the top and bottom. A spot of craft glue on the center will help hold the knot. Inside the front cover, write the year, along with a message to your mom, “To Mom, Love, [your name]”, etc.

For the interior, what you want to try to do is tell the story of your life and how your mother played an important part in each step. You can start with her pregnancy or your birth and just work your way forward in time, using up all the memorabilia, pictures, and other bits that help paint this picture.