Tips for Using Nature Items in Scrapbook Layouts

February 14, 2021 by No Comments

You can use plenty of nature items in your scrapbook layouts, and nature materials are perfect for many themes and seasons. Whether you use nature items to create scrapbook pages for events or for wedding memories, nature items make a great addition to your layout. This article will provide you with several tips for using nature items in your memory books.


Flowers are perfect nature items for scrapbook layouts. You can use flowers in a variety of themes such as weddings, babies, Mother’s Day, birthdays, and most events in spring, summer and fall. To use flowers in your scrapbook layouts start by picking fresh flowers. Then press them in a book or in between two pieces of paper. You can place the flowers in between your mattress and box spring as well to make them come out really flat. Use thin glue and a paintbrush to cover the entire flower evenly before attaching it to a scrapbook page.


Another nature item that is fun to use is bark. You may find pieces f it on the ground, or you can peal some off tree branches. Bark makes a great background for photos, and it can be easily cut up to make designs. You can also place the bark in between your mattress and box spring to flatten it. Bark works well with outdoor events and d bark colored bark also looks nice when used for winter themed scrapbook pages. Using dogwood bark also adds a nice look to baby pages and birthdays.

Pine Cones

Pine cones may seem like they are too large to use in scrapbook layouts, but they work well if you snip the tiny petals of the cone off the base. These unique little leaves make fun patterns, and they are already nicely shaped for creating flowers. They can be used for any theme, and they can be painted to add depth and detail.


Leaves are also great for scrapbooking, and they can be used for many occasions and in many ways. Leaves make great frames for pictures, and they make unique borders. It is also fun to use leaves for many fall scrapbook themes and holidays because they look lovely when they change color.

Using nature items for scrapbook layouts is inexpensive and unique. Nature is diverse, and you can find all sorts of items outside that will look great in your memory book.