Fun Desserts for Kids

August 11, 2020 by No Comments

Kids love to help their parents. It makes them feel important and like a special part of the family. This is definitely true in the kitchen. Kids love to help their moms cook. It is good to get them involved with meals because they will eat better if they have a hand in the preparation. After dinner, kids love desserts as well. Here are some fun ideas for desserts that your kids will love.

  1. Ice Cream Sundaes
    Everyone loves ice cream. It is a dessert favorite because it is easy and tastes delicious. For dessert tonight, let your children make their own ice cream sundaes. All you need is some ice cream, some toppings and a little imagination. Kids can make their sundae exactly to their specifications, which will make them enjoy it even more. For extra fun, try different kinds of ice cream and sundae syrups.
  2. Cupcakes
    This is a fun activity for everyone in the family as well. The adults in the house can make this go a lot smoother by baking the cupcakes ahead of time. Then, after they cool, they are ready for the kids to decorate. By mixing food coloring with white icing, you can make many different colors of icing, which makes cupcakes even more fun and bright. Sprinkles, candies and chocolate topping can make cupcake night really fun. Your kids will think you are the greatest ever!
  3. Parfaits
    A healthy and delicious dessert option is a yogurt parfait. This will help your child get accustom to eating fruit, which is a good habit to start early in life. Children can build their own parfaits and make healthy choices in the process. For instance, a scoop of yogurt topped with the child’s favorite fruits and then sprinkled with graham cracker or granola is a healthy and delicious dessert that all children will love. The best part is that parents can feel good serving desserts like this because they are good for their kids.
  4. Cookies
    Again, the key to having a successful dinner time is to get your kids involved in the food preparation. Mom can prepare cookies ahead of time. Any type is fine; sugar, chocolate chip, oatmeal or whatever type of cookie your children like. Kids can then personalize their cookie by icing it, decorating it and even writing their name on it. Not only does this fill their stomachs, it also gives them practice with fine motor skills and socializing. The cookies can also be cut into fun shapes like flowers, shapes or letters. This makes cookie time even more enjoyable.

  1. Fruit Salad
    Fruit salad is a fun dessert choice in the hot summer. Not only is it yummy, it gives your kids the vitamins and minerals that they need. Fruit offers many nutrients that can give kids a good start into the world. It also has fiber, which is important in everyone’s daily diet. Berries are full of antioxidants, which are great for the heart. To make your fruit salad look extra special, top it with some whipped cream to give it more of a dessert feel.
  2. Rice Crispy Treats
    Another healthy and fun dessert is rice crispy treats. It is an inexpensive and easy way to give your kids a special snack. Just like many of the other desserts we have discussed, these can be personalized and decorated to your child’s specifications. You can use chocolate rice crispies to change things up a little bit or even add some chocolate candies or sprinkles to make this dessert look extra fabulous. These treats do not require baking, which makes it a lot safer if you are going to have kids in the kitchen helping you.

Kids love dessert. If you can make the dessert a little healthier, parents will feel a lot better about dessert. Dessert time is a great time to introduce fruits into your child’s diet. They taste sweet like a dessert, but are healthy. You can trick your kids into eating healthy desserts with ease. Not only will dessert time be fun for the whole family, your child has begun to learn responsibility and that they must do their part in the home