Tips on Making Individual Scrapbooks for Each of Your Children

November 20, 2020 by No Comments

There is nothing better than to have lasting keepsakes that you can share with your children when they are old enough. Many parents create family scrapbooks, but why not make some individual scrapbooks for each of your children. This is a great way to personalize memories for your children. When they are old enough you can give them the scrapbooks to keep in their own home. Below are a few ideas, and suggestion on how to put the scrapbook together.

The first thing you will want to do is buy a photo album book that this large enough to hold about 300 to 500 pictures. This may seem like a lot of pictures but you will want to cover their early years, their teen years, and some of their adult years. Inside of the book you will want to put pictures of every party and different shots of them with their friends as they grow. I have found that every year taking pictures of the kids during each season is a great way to cover their growth, and see the changes in every aspect of their life. I also like to include pictures of them at various stages in their growth with different family members, especially grandparents. What is really nice about scrapbooks is that you can put little captions next to each of the pictures. For example if a funny phrase was said during the time the picture was taken you can put this in the scrapbook.

As your children get older you can have them contribute different ideas to the scrapbook as well. Working on the scrapbook together with your child is a great way to create long lasting memories. To find some more ideas on what you can add to your scrapbook you can visit your local arts, and craft store. They will usually have an abundance of scrapbook supplies. During the summer months you may be able to find many of these items on sale. You can also have them add a little bit of décor to the front of the scrapbook once they are old enough to create something themselves. As they get older you can also have them start taking their own pictures, and adding them to the scrapbook. This way they can keep all of the memories that they cherries the most. When your children are adults they will really enjoy having their scrapbook memories to share with their own children. This is a great way to start a fun family tradition for you and your children.